Nathan Blackwell

Writer, Director, Editor


Phoenix-based filmmaker Nathan Blackwell began his career like many of his counterparts ... a manic eleven year-old running around with a camera, making terrible movies.  He's since directed over forty short films, two low-to-no budget feature films, written seven feature film screenplays, and won over twenty-three awards for filmmaking. 

Recently he was nominated for the Phoenix New Times Big Brain Award in Film & Video, and his screenplay for "Transgalactic Zoo" was one of ten finalists (among three thousand entries) in Final Draft's Big Break, one of the most prestigious screenwriting competitions in the country.  

Having graduated from South Mountain High School's TV & Communications program, and then attended Scottsdale Community College's Film Production, he made his feature film debut with "Forever Midnight", a coming-of-age film.  

His second feature film was the 'no budget' was adapted from the award winning play written by his brother, Logan Blackwell, "The Constant Epiphanies of Billy The Blood Donor."  The story is an absurdist comedy about a hapless young man who becomes the pawn of an evil blood donation clinic.  


In addition to short and feature films, he's also directed web series episodes of the office comedy "Net Worth", Cazador Production's western adventure series "Western X", and his own comedy series "Voyage Trekkers" and  "Normally This Weird", about two newlyweds who move into a weird and fantastic neighborhood.

The kinds of stories he tells is best described by the cast of "squishy" characters they're populated with:  ninjas, gentleman super spies, cross dressers, rectal-probing aliens, fortune tellers, face-melting nazis, suburban mad scientists, melodramatic role-playing nerds, magic-casting teenagers, a girl who's addicted to drinking blood, and now, thankfully, zombies.


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